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2019 - 10 - 17
This is the third day of the 9th Hutton Symposium. After two days of intensive keynote presentations, it is now time to relax for the mid-conference field trip. Nanjing, well known as the ancient capital of the six dynasties of China, not only has a rich culture and history, but also diverse igneous and sedimentary records.The participants of the mid-conference field trip were separated into two groups and visited two sites, one at the Gaozi pluton and one at the Yanziji Cliff. At the Gaozi pluton, Prof. Jian-Sheng Qiu gave a short presentation about the well-exposed medium- to coarse-grained ...
2019 - 10 - 17
In this Hutton Symposium, the organizers added a new “Young Researcher Forum” session. On the stage, 15 young scholars around the world each used 5 minutes' speech to introduce their latest research on granites to all delegates. These “flash talks” showed great diversity, that some are about thermodynamic modelling software (Rcrust), some are about whole-rock B, Mo and Li isotopes, and some on in situ analysis of Nd isotopes in apatite and Monazite. Dr. Ge Rongfeng of Nanjing University presented the discovery of world-oldest high-pressure TTGs in Tarim Craton. Many other Chinese young scholar...
2019 - 10 - 16
On the second day of the 9th Hutton Symposium, five keynote presentations were given by five granite experts scholars under theme 2, which is on “Processes that control the generation of granitic magmas in the deep crust “, Prof. Federico Farina, Prof. Jin-Hui Yang, Prof.  Fernando Bea, and Prof. Chang-Qian Ma are the conveners for this theme.Dr.  Richard Ernst  of Carleton University gave the first keynote speech entitled “Silicic magmatism of large igneous provinces”.Dr. Omar Bartoli of Università di Padova gave the second keynote speech entitled “Fluid regimes during for...
2019 - 10 - 15
On the first day of the 9th Hutton Symposium, five keynote presentations were given by five granite experts scholars under theme 1, which is on “Granites and the generation and evolution of the continental crust“, Prof. Jean-François Moyen, Prof. Xian-Hua Li, Prof. Williams Collins, and Prof. Gary Stevens are the conveners for this theme. Professor Chris Hawkesworth of Bristol University, UK, gave the first keynote speech entitled “Geological constraints on the onset of plate tectonics”.Dr. Bruno Dhuime of Montpellier University, France, gave the second keynote speech entitled “An isotope...
2019 - 10 - 14
The 9th Hutton Symposium opened at 8:30 AM, on October 14, 2019, in the Sanjiang Hall of the convention center at Nanjing University International Conference Center. Prof. Xu Xi-sheng, Director of the State Key Laboratory for Mineral Deposit Research, Nanjing University, hosted the opening ceremony. Prof. Xu Xi-sheng welcomes everyoneProf. Lyu Jian, president of Nanjing University, gave the first opening speech. He introduced the history and development of Nanjing university and updated the progresses and achievements that have been made by the School of Earth Sciences and Engineering of Nanji...
2019 - 10 - 13
October 13, 2019 is the registration day of the 9th Hutton Symposium. All went well. We are ready to serve all delegates and participants for the week!Billboard 1Billboard 2, you are welcome to take a photo with itThe conference hall is ready for the symposiumThe LED screen is ready (aspect ratio is 16:9)The volunteer team is readyAt the registration siteAt the registration site
2019 - 10 - 11
A Glance of Pre-conference field trip for the 9th Hutton Symposium  Group photo at cretaceous breccia tuff in XiaowushitangGroup photo at the Daqingshan graniteDr. Kong-Yang Zhu, associate professor of the school of earth science, Zhejiang university, is leading the pre-conference field trip. Investigating the cretaceous Putuo granite
2019 - 10 - 10
Transportation guide to International conference center of Xianlin Campus, Nanjing UniversityNanjing University International Conference Center University International Conference Center is in the Xianlin campus and closed to the east gate of Nanjing University.Address:Xianlin Avenue 163, Qixia District, Nanjing, China地址:南京市栖霞区仙林大道163号南京大学国际会议中心(靠近东门)Tel: 025-896866661.From Nanjing Lukou International Airport to Xianlin campus (about 60 km)Airport bus: Take airport ...
2019 - 10 - 04
Dear Hutton Symposium participants, with less than two-weeks to the start of the Symposium, we want to send you this important reminder regarding the Mid-conference field trip.Due to the limitation in space of the field sites and the bus transportation capacity, the organizers of the Hutton Sympoium can only provide service to a maximum number of 160 participants for the Mid-conference field trip. At present, we can ensure that those who have registered online and paid the registration fee can participate in the Mid-conference field trip. The remaining seats will be allocated in the order of r...
2019 - 09 - 29
Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, is a central city sitting at the bank of the Changjiang (Yangtze) River in eastern China. Nanjing is a city of rich history; it has been the capital city of six dynasties of China in the ancient times. Nanjing is also a scenic city, where mountains, waters, forest, as well as monuments and historical relics integrate. We hope Nanjing will provide unique cutrual experiences to all participants of the Hutton Symposium. See photos of Nanjing below.Panorama of NanjingQin Huai River  and  Confucius TempleXuanwu LakeJiming TempleMing TombFireflies ...
2019 - 09 - 26
The organizing committee is pleased to announce the Souvenir T-shirt for the 9th Hutton Symposium. T-shirts in navy blue or gray are for symposium participants; T-shirts in red are for volunteers. The T-shirt will be included in the package to pick-up at the symposium check-in counter.
2019 - 09 - 20
The unregistered participants or the attendees who choose “booking by myself” at the register can contact Champion Villa Hotel (冠军楼酒店) for room booking. Address: Sports Bureau Training Center, Xianlin Avenue 169, Qixia District, Nanjing, China (about 0.2 km east of the Nanjing University International Conference Center).Tel: (86)-25-85788889               (86)-25-85788882-8889 Champion Villa Hotel (冠军楼酒店)
2019 - 09 - 18
The organizing committee and academic committee have worked out the detailed schedule for the Hutton Symposium. Now the day-by-day program is available on the website, for more details, follow this link: program day-by-day . Follow us via E-mails, website, and wechat, and get the latest updates for the Hutton Symposium!You can find more detailed information in: program day-by-day
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