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Keynote speakers (to be updated):

1)  Chris Hawkesworth (University of Bristol, UK): Geological constraints on the onset of plate tectonics

2)     Williams J. Collins (Curtin University, Australia): The critical role of water in the generation and differentiation of continental crust

3)    Bruno Dhuime (CNRS & University of Montpellier, France): An isotope geochemistry perspective on continental growth, the start of plate tectonics and the emergence of the continents

4)    Oscar Laurent (ETH Zürich, Switzerland): Formation of continents through time: (re-)integrating isotopic proxies based on accessory minerals with the granitoid record

5)    Fang Huang (University of Science and Technology, China): Understanding granites and the continental crust from metal stable isotopes

6)    Richard Ernst (Carleton University, Canada): Silicic magmatism of large igneous provinces

7)    Omar Bartoli (Università di Padova, Italy): Fluid regimes during formation of granitic magmas: new clues from nanogranitoids

8)    Yong-Fei  Zheng (University of Science and Technology, China): Zircons, granites and orogens

9)    Fernando Bea (University Granada,  Spain):  Multiple episodic crustal recycling in Central Iberia, or why the Iberian Variscan batholiths are so peculiar

10)  John D. Clemens (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa): Mafic schlieren, crystal accumulation and differentiation in granitic magmas: a case study

11)   Fuyuan Wu (Institute of Geology and Geophysics, CAS, China): Can we identify the source rock of granitic rocks

12)   Larry Meinert (Colorado School of Mines, USA): Systematics of granitoid petrogenesis and metal content of associated skarn deposits

13)   Bernd Lehmann (Technical University of Clausthal, Germany): Formation of tin ore deposits: A reassessment

14)   Calvin F. Miller (Vanderbilt University, USA): Volcano-pluton connection: Perspectives on material and process linkages from Searchlight pluton and the Highland Range volcanic sequence, Nevada, USA

15)   Catherine Annen (Université Savoie Mont Blanc, France): Construction and eruption of plutons: the heat problem

16)   Olivier Bachmann (ETH Zürich, Switzerland): Timescales and processes within transcrustal magmatic systems

17)   Xisheng Xu (Nanjing University, China): Late Mesozoic volcanic- intrusive magmatism and crustal growth, SE China

         18)  Guil Gualda (Vanderbilt University, USA): On the origin of alkali feldspar megacrysts in granitoids: The case  against   textural coarsening; the                interplay between nucleation and growth; and a potential record of magma injection, extraction, and eruption

         19)Elena Melekhova (University of Bristol, UK): Formation of continental crust at arc settings

ADDRESS:School of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Nanjing University,163 Xianlin Avenue, Nanjing 210023, China
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